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Find today's Petrol, Diesel and Cooking Gas cylinder prices in states and cities. Petrol and Diesel prices are now chnaged every day. New rates are applicable from 6 am in the morning. Petrol, Diesel rates are available from Indian Oil, HPCL, BP and Shell.

Petrol Prices

Current petrol prices near me

Current petrol prices in states and cities.


Diesel Prices

Current diesel prices near me

Current Diesel prices in states and cities.


Gas Cylinder Prices

Current lpg Gas Cylinder prices near me

Cooking gas cylinder prices in your city.


Trip Cost Calculator

Trip Cost Calculator
Find Toll & Fuel cost for your drive or taxi hire.
What we Offer

We provide latest fuel rates from all retailers. Different fuel companies (IOCL, HPCL, BPCL) fixes price of petrol, diesel differently even in same city. We help you in finding the lowest fuel rates (Petrol/Gas, Diesel) after every price change. Now Petrol and Diesel prices are revised daily and new prices are effective from morning (6 AM).

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